This Zippered Lamp Fabulously Bridges Fashion and Fixture Design

 - Apr 6, 2015
References: desormeauxcarrette & leibal
There's something so quirky about the design of this hoodie light, yet its aesthetic impression is one of soft sophistication. The table lamp comprises a wooden stump embedded with LED lights and a broad collar of felt material to give it a unique sculptural form.

The Désormeaux/Carrette Studio was inspired by the fashion industry, and it quite successfully demonstrates the great crossover between clothing design and product design.

The soft fabric is delicately cut into a rounded form and left to flare out from a narrow neckline around the timber base. In a color that matches the textile, a zipper is stitched in, enabling you to leave the illuminator open for dispersed radiance, or to fasten the Dita hoodie light up for directional upwards rays.