A Wine Glass with a Straw Makes It Much Easier to Succumb to Liquid Vices

 - Apr 2, 2015
References: ohgizmo & likecool
Chances are, your vino goes down smoothly enough; yet to get that extra leisurely experience of sipping a pinot, consider using this wine glass with a straw. The drinking vessel assumes the standard shape that you'd expect from stemware, yet the stem itself is hollow and capable allowing the beverage to pass through it.

The footing of this wineglass comprises a pair pointed feet, forming a tripod with the pipette, which comes to look like a curving tail. The devil-like design is only more reinforced by filling it with red wine.

This idea for this particular wine glass with a straw is a creative reworking of a standardized form––it's visually whimsical. It would attract oenophiles of the less sophisticated and more playful sort. Interestingly, the product would actually appeal to lipstick-wearing women as well, enabling them to preserve their perfect makeup while drinking.