This Handmade Jewelry Piece Features Beads Themed After the Planets

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: handmadecharlotte & handmadecharlotte
If you're someone that is drawn to the vastness of space, this elegant handmade jewelry piece might be a craft you'd be interested in. This necklace features several wooden beads designed and painted to look like the planets strung together on a dainty chain.

Homemade jewelry lets consumers get personal with their designs by adding their own spin and customizations. This necklace calls for an assortment of various sized wooden beads that will represent the various ten planets. Each bead is painted in the colors and hues of the planet using acrylic paint and a fine tip brush. For example, Mercury can be a bright orangey gold, Pluto silver and Earth blue with green land masses. Once all the planets are painted and dried you can string the beads onto a chain arranging them according to distance to the sun.