From Disability-Conscious Cookware to Shakespearean Cutting Boards

 - Sep 26, 2016
Considering that the cutting board is a kitchen essential, it should come as no surprise that creative cutting boards are abound in the world of kitchenware. Though cutting boards are simple conceptually -- just a hard, protective surface to keep kitchen counters from getting scuffed -- the broad variety of creative cutting boards is impressive.

Some cutting boards are designed to help make cooking more equitable and accessible for all people. For instance, the Oneware cutting board helps people with amputated hands or arms to chop vegetables with one hand. Others focus on making the cooking process as a whole more convenient, such as Bambleu's four-in-one cutting board.

There are also some creative cutting boards with hyper-specific functions, like the B. Sprout 2000, which is designed entirely for cutting the stubborn Brussels sprout.