This 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Model Can Be Made at Home in 11 Steps

 - Nov 12, 2015
References: instructables & dornob
Not only does this Mars habitat model exist to study and spark ideas about human's possible life in space, but it can be 3D-printed by anyone using an 11-step set of instructions.

The design requires a 3D-printer, the Fusion 360 program and the Dremel 3D app, with steps provided by Instructables user 'Jon-A-Tron.' The 3D-printed model is designed after the 'Space X Mars One Habitat' and is a modular structure that is meant to be permanent on the planet and expandable. With four hatch doors where tunnels could be attached, the modular building, as well as the model, could continue to grow for more and more people.

Additional structures necessary for life like greenhouses and labs could also be added, similarly to how the 3d-printed model can be reprinted repeatedly in order to build your own Mars habitat colony.