This Boozy Ginger Plum Beverage is Lightly Effervescent and Heals the Gut

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: bettysliu
This ginger plum kombucha cocktail is not only delicious, it also helps with digestive health. Created by food blog Le Jus D'Orange as part of the #DrinkTheSummer virtual cocktail party, the alcoholic beverage is one of two concoctions blogger Betty crafted.

Described as smooth, refreshing, tangy and sophisticated, the drink is a nice choice to beat the heat with before the end of the summer arrives. It is fairly easy to make, even with homemade kombucha. You will need tasty ingredients including crushed ice, vodka, dash bitters (preferably citrus flavor), mint, lemon juice and fresh ginger.

While the health benefits of kombucha tea are unsubstantiated, ginger has been used (especially in Chinese medicine) for centuries to alleviate digestive distress and tummy troubles.