World of Coffee's 'Kaffelemonad' Blends Iced Coffee and Lemon Simple Syrup

 - Sep 5, 2015
References: worldofcoffee-nordic & sprudge
Whether the Swedish language is familiar or foreign to you, World of Coffee's 'Kaffelemonad' is exactly what it sounds like—iced coffee lemonade.

After consuming the unusual hybrid beverage in Sweden and finding herself craving it, Anna Brones set out to create a version of the iced coffee lemonade on her own. Brones' own version for 'Refreshing Iced Coffee Lemonade' is prepared with two parts: a base of brewed coffee, lemon juice, water and a zesty simple syrup to give the drink an even more potent citrus flavor.

This blended beverage example speaks to a movement in the food and beverage industries that's causing people to seek out novel flavors, forms and textures in order to satisfy a taste for adventure.