The Pancake Cake is a Discrete Way to Enjoy Dessert for Breakfast

 - Jun 26, 2012
References: cakecentral
No one will be the wiser when you start your day off with this deceptive and delicious Pancake Cake. Expertly crafted by 'Cake Central' user EnglishCakeLady, this decadent chocolate cake looks like a stack of fresh flapjacks complete with syrup and fresh fruit. Nothing on this cake is what it seems, aside from a few lone fresh strawberries.

Looking every bit like a part of a balanced breakfast, the confection's pancake-like appearance was constructed using artfully sculpted fondant. The syrup was made using tinted piping gel, while the blueberries were crafted out of fondant as well, and the whipped cream on top? That is actually Italian meringue buttercream. Nothing on this cake can be taken at face value and that's what makes it so darn irresistible.

The perfect way to fake out your breakfast guests and treat them to a naughty dessert-style morning meal, this Pancake Cake will keep your lucky diners guessing.