The Kitchen Vignettes Vessels are Perfect for Containing Summertime Treats

 - Jun 10, 2012
References: kitchenvignettes.blogspot
The Kitchen Vignettes food blog has released a review of 'Ice Bowls.' The recipe and detailed video have been done in association with a Reader’s Digest frozen desserts feature. Aube Giroux, also known as the Canadian mastermind behind the website, has broken down all of the steps involved in the production of these ornate ice cream and sorbet holders.

The ice bowls are entirely different from the majority of kitchen vessels insofar as they are translucent and have the practical ability to keep food cold. In this editorial, Giroux breaks down her inclusion of flowers, berries and herbs into the bowls, making for a rather eclectic display of summertime treats.

The best part of this culinary Kitchen Vignettes project is its minimalist quality as it solely requires the use of containers, water, heavy objects and simple natural ingredients.