From Fall Vegan Fruit Desserts to Icy Cookie Desserts

 - Aug 15, 2014
The simplistic glass packaging is no longer just for jam as seen with this collection of Mason jar desserts that make the most of the versatile glass container. There are two aspects that make this collection noteworthy: the utilization of Mason jars as a container and the portion shrinking of servings down to a single jar.

Although the Mason jar might bring to mind a more rustic appeal, what we're seeing now is a distinct shift towards nostalgic housewares and the like. In addition to this, the preference to make previously store-bought goods from home is on the rise, which has prompted the evolution of Mason jar desserts from shabby to chic. As the simplistic vessel continues to permeate it's way back into mainstream culture, it's certain we'll be seeing more than just Mason jar desserts in the future.