The 'Running With Glitter' Blog Shows You How to Make Rainbow Cakes

 - May 28, 2012
References: twitter & runwithglitter.blogspot
The 'Running With Glitter' Blog Shows you how to make rainbow cakes in a jar. Instead of using standard cupcake liners, you can switch things up and use mason jars instead. The benefit of using a clear glass container is that you can see all the beautiful colors, and it creates a different experience, as you can eat it right out of the jar.

All that's needed to create these confections is some vanilla cake batter that you can purchase from your local grocery store, or make from scratch if you please. Then you simply split the batter up into little bowls, as many as you want, and then add food coloring. Once the color has set you pop the mixture into a plastic bag and cut the ends off, and start layering your jars with each color of the batter. You then place the jars in the oven until the batter is thoroughly baked. Once they have cooled off, you cut the top off the cakes and add some of your favorite icing and sprinkles.

This easy project by the 'Running With Glitter' Blog is great for any occasion, but would especially make for a killer birthday treat.