These Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes Will Delight Your Inner Child

If you can't keep your fingers out of the bowl when you're whipping up a fresh batch of treats, then you're sure to love these naughty Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes. Created by the genius blogger at Something Swanky, these cookie dough-topped stunners are sure to make more than a few people swoon. Many have been seduced by the charms of cookie dough before, but the tasty treat has never looked as appealing as it does sitting atop these petite cakes.

These Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes are made vibrantly vivacious with the addition of a few technicolor M&Ms. Transformed into icing, cookie dough comes into its own as a respectable indulgence rather than a slightly shameful delicacy that impatient bakers fall prey to. Eating raw cookies never looked so good, so why hold back?

Fun, childlike and indulgent, these Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes are sure to lure your inner child out into the open.