These Cloud Cupcakes by the 'IFeelCook' Blog are Painfully Pretty in Pink

For all the ladies who never quite got past their girly pink phase there are these darling Cloud Cupcakes from the delicious blog IFeelCook. Instead of simply using marshmallows as a topper for the usual s'more or hot chocolate cupcake, IFeelCook made the airy confections the main event. If that weren't enough, the clever blogger got even more specific and swapped the usual marshmallows for the fluffy pink variety.

These Cloud Cupcakes are wonderfully whimsical. They look like something out of a story book inhabited by unicorns and a prince confined to the body of a frog. There is something so visually appealing about marshmallow frosting. Something about the texture and that irresistible glossy finish that makes it look otherworldly and there is something infinitely more exciting about seeing it in pink.

Fresh from Candy Land, these Cloud Cupcakes are sure to make your five-year-old self squeal with glee.