These Malted Rocky Road Brownie Cupcakes are a Sinful Sugary Snack

If you’re seeking a chocolate pleasure overload, then look no further than these evil Malted Rocky Road Brownie Cupcakes.

These petite towers of confectionery bliss were crafted by blogger Kristan from the decadent food blog Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. By combining the awesome and delicious forces of brownies, malted milk balls, chocolate almond bark and marshmallow, Kristan has managed to capture the nostalgic sweet tooth of most of the world’s population.

These epic Malted Rocky Road Brownie Cupcakes start out simply enough as brownies shaped like cupcakes, then they are filled with marshmallow cream and topped with a dollop chocolate malted milk buttercream. The whole excessive exercise is completed with the application of two sizeable slabs of almond bark and a single chocolate malted milk ball for good measure. It’s like all of your favorite childhood indulgences have come together to make one over-the-top delicious indiscretion.

Sure to make your sweet tooth swoon and your waistband expand, these Malted Rocky Road Brownie Cupcakes are decadent.