'Plumae' Features a Model Being Consumed by Avian Attributes

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: vimeo & designcollector.net
Sometimes, to capture the imaginations of viewers, all you need are powerful images, as demonstrated by this 'Plumae' video. Made for fashion company Nana Firenze, 'Plumae' features a flawless model slowly being consumed by peacock feathers. The feathers themselves start off only covering the model’s private parts, but by the end of the video, she looks like an avian humanoid hybrid. The visuals are surreal, provocative and borderline disturbing.

Amplifying the bizarre imagery of 'Plumae' are the wind chimes that open the video and the haunting background music, which sounds like a record being played in reverse overlaid with eerie humming from a female vocalist. The model's reaction to her condition, that of fear and then of pleasure, is somewhat unnerving to watch.

Though the footage doesn’t feature much of the clothing line’s offerings, it’s hard to argue against the memorability of this film.