Swatch Introduces its New Scuba Libre Waterproof Watch

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: & creativecriminals
Swatch’s new commercial for its waterproof watch Scuba Libre combines life on land and stunning sea-like visuals. This advertisement brings a fresh look to a tired idea. The underwater adventure mimics a scuba diving expedition where the sea creatures are in harmony with our world, rather than predatory.

The only exception is the dog barking an octopus up a tree. The ad mixes urban/oceanic elements such as coral-encrusted skyscrapers, freeway tunnel-lurking sharks and a submarine subway station. The ‘Underwater’ song choice also fits the under-the-sea theme perfectly.

The Scuba Libre line comes in a variety of colors. Each style is named after a different oceanic object from clown fish to whale bone. The waterproof watch is designed not just for divers, but for regular land-dwellers too.