From Stylist Filtration Systems to Frothy Absinthe Cocktails

 - Mar 29, 2015
The top March 2015 drinking trends cater to the busy, time-crunched consumer (aren't we all?).

On-the-go packaging and drinking apparatuses were popular for non-alcoholic beverages this month. People are often hydrating while on the move, necessitating portable and easy-to-handle packaging. Brands focused on creating flexible forms and silhouettes that could fit easily into bags, backpacks and brief cases. Any focus on sustainable packaging is a bonus, as consumers are more concerned about the environment than ever before.

In terms of alcoholic beverages, the top March 2015 drinking trends revealed an emphasis on the social aspect of drinking culture. Brands hosted fun parties, gatherings and events, with the sole focus of bringing like-minded people together, in the festive spirit of sharing a drink.