Drunken Oreos Will Soon Be Your Next Favorite Party Favor

 - Feb 12, 2015
References: youtube
Forget about vodka frozen blueberries, tequila absorbed gummy bears and jello shots -- Drunken Oreos are your next party favor! The college-inspired treat is a great alternative way to consume alcohol. The recipe calls for store bought Oreos, Oreo-flavored pudding, vodka and milk.

Simply whisk milk, Oreo pudding mix and vodka together. Let the mixture cool in the fridge for approximately 20 minutes. In the mean time, take the store bought Oreos and scrape all of the white cream middle out. Take your cooled mixture and put in between two cookie halves.

This simple recipe is a great party trick and a new innovative way in mixology. The recipe by FoodBeast is a spin-off of the beloved Jello shot, which is created in a very similar manner.