The 'Diversity & Inclusion - Love Has No Labels' Ad Showcases Skeletons

 - Mar 15, 2015
References: skeleton-love.diply & youtube
Created by Ad Council, 'Diversity & Inclusion -- Love Has No Labels' was a publicity stunt that captured the heart of on-lookers. On Valentine's Day 2015, a large screen sat in the middle of one particular L.A. street. As crowds gathered, one could see skeletons dancing on the screen. As the skeletons walked out from behind the screen, couples would appear and kiss in front of the audience. These couples were from the LGBT community, from opposite races, with disabilities and from different religions.

Ad Council wanted to show that everyone is the same, with the same skeleton makeup, and that love should be label-free. Love doesn't see race, age, gender or anything in between. The Diversity & Inclusion -- Love Has No Labels advert was a beautiful reminder that love has no limits.