From Fantasy Cat Calendars to Feline Puzzle Games

 - Nov 29, 2015
These feline-inspired pieces of apparel, accessories, cosmetics, home decor items and more are gifts for that cat lover that truly express a love for these furry pets.

There are plenty of items that have been created for cat lovers who also have a penchant for technology. This includes selfie sticks that look like a cat's paw, Hello Kitty projectors, phone cases and even fun headphones.

For those who really want an over-the-top way to proclaim a love of cats, there are some fun gifts for cat lovers like onesies, egg-shaping molds, clothing hangers, wine charms and even a line of cosmetics that was designed to smell like a cat. These outrageous gift ideas for the cat lover are more than effective at providing entertainment, decoration and style.