The PyroPet 'Kisa' Candle is More Than Meets the Eye

 - Jun 21, 2015
References: pyropetcandles & dollskill
While most candles leave behind a mess of dried wax drippings, PyroPet's cat-shaped candle offers much more than just temporary appeal.

Sold on the PyroPet website as well as other stokist retailers, the 'Kisa' candle is a PyroPet favorite and for great reason. While other cat-shaped candles are cutesy in design, this contemporary candle showcases a geometric cat shape made of paraffin wax. Though the exterior is a modern treat for the eyes, the real beauty lies beneath the candle's waxy appeal. When lit, the 'Kisa' candle starts to reveal an aluminium sculptural skeleton.

The 'Kisa' cat-shaped candle has a burning time of 20 hours and makes an avant-garde center piece once all the wax has melted.