The Cheeky 'Lickstarter' Pussycat Panties Feature Frisky Feline Faces

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: etsy & designtaxi
Latvia-based artist Liega Zelgalve created this comical line of pussycat panties, which are female undergarments called ‘Lickstarter.’ The line is a cheeky play on the word pussycat, which is a common term used in regards to female genitalia.

The pussycat panties are quite adorable featuring cute cats and kittens on the front-facing side of the undergarments. The line currently contains nine different images of playful cats, which are each paired with a tongue-in-cheek phrase. For example, there is a pair of full-back and white panties that feature a fluffy kitten with bright blue eyes, which is titled 'Dangerously sweet.'

The panties began as a gift for the artist’s female friends, but has grown into a successful business. The artist was able to use her "solid experience in textile printing and website development" to launch the product, which has become a highly desired item among cat lovers.