Shop Jeen's Kitty High Tops Will Appeal to Animal Lovers

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: shopjeen
These feline sneakers from e-retailer Shop Jeen will appeal to animal lovers who aren't afraid to experiment with their wardrobe. Though seemingly childlike, these high top shoes are actually designed for adults. Shop Jeen is not only known for its daring clothing but is a purveyor of niche and nostalgic accessories that target popular youth subcultures -- including ravers, Goths and Seapunks.

These particular shoes borrow from Tokyo's anime fashion aesthetic and marry an adult shoe with a playful and kid-approved design. These feline sneakers feature a classic, all-white look that is accented with a cat-shaped shoe tongue. The element features cat ears and is accented with a feline face with blue eyes. This daring footwear design pushes boundaries and defies millennial style expectations.