The Newest Hybrid Alcohol is a Sangria-Flavored UV Vodka

 - May 14, 2015
References: uvvodka & bizjournals
Now that you can find vodka in just about every flavor under then sun from coconut to cherry soda and even chocolate cake, for the creation of its newest product, UV Vodka looked within the alcohol industry for inspiration.

Rather than experimenting with bold flavor infusions, the Phillips Distilling Co. turned to imitating another popular beverage—sangria, which is usually made with a base of wine. Noticing a growing demand for sangria, it seems only natural that the brand would produce UV Vodka Sangria. As Phillips Distilling Co.'s Vice President of Sales Jason Connelly says, think drink is perfect for "Making it easier for both consumers and bartenders to create sangria cocktails."

Having introduced vodka flavored like Sriracha and salty caramel apple in the past, UV Vodka is one brand that's unafraid to experiment with the unusual.