Celebrate International Coffee Day with These Delightful Caffeine Treats

 - Sep 29, 2015
Though many consumers rely on traditional coffee to jump-start their mornings, these flavorful drinks honor International Coffee Day in a non-traditional way. There are coffee-infused coconut waters and even green tea-infused coffees. The flavor combinations are seemingly endless.

There is also the cotton candy affogato recipe by 'Iamafoodblog' that combines fresh ice cream, cotton candy and an energetic espresso shot, which is ideal for the foodie with a sweet tooth. For those who aren't as daring, there are also a wide variety of iced coffee brews including Nomi's Japanese-inspired cold coffees. These delicious drinks come in 'Tokyo Black,' 'Kyoto Iced' and 'Osaka Almond.'

Coffee is a staple in many diets and proves to be especially popular for the millennial age group. In honor of International Coffee Day, these unique brews bring a bold flavor infusion to an average cup of java.