Bewdly's Invigorating Bacon Coffee Beans are Perfect With Breakfast

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: bewdly & bewdly
Bewdly is a Toronto-based coffee company that specializes in creating unique flavored coffee beans to spice up your mornings. In the brand's wide range of tantalizing flavors is the Maple Bacon Deluxe Coffee that is infused with two popular Canadian flavors including the delicious richness of fried bacon and sweet maple syrup.

There's nothing quite like starting your mornings off with a good cup of coffee -- especially if that coffee happens to also taste like bacon and maple. Bewdly's Maple Bacon Deluxe Coffee is a speciality blend that is produced and packaged entirely by just like each of Bewdly's flavors. These smokey coffee beans have been soaked in a scrumptious maple bacon flavoring giving the beans a deliciously sweet and savory aroma. Bewdly has several other exciting flavors like Vanilla Bourbon Spirit and Campire Song S'more.