This Coffee is Steeped for 16 Hours to Give It a Strong and Rich Flavor

 - Jun 28, 2015
References: shop.lacolombe & uncrate
'La Colombe Pure Black' is one of the most potent cold brew coffees on the market. While there are a number of other companies making cold-pressed coffee, Pure Black sets itself apart with a flavor that is rich, strong and unbelievably smooth.

In order to achieve its rich flavor, the coffee is steeped in a stainless steel wine tank for 16 hours. The coffee is then pressed and filtered twice. Because the coffee is not diluted or enhanced with any additives, it has an extremely strong and potent flavor. The unique cocoa tones and sweetness of the coffee make it excellent for mixed drinks, poured over desserts or just enjoyed on its own.

The potent cold brew coffee is available for purchase through the company's website. It comes in two bottle packs or a 12 bottle cases.