Shusen Kurano Makes a Champagne-Style Japanese Sake

If you didn't think it was possible to combine the taste of a traditional Japanese sake with the effervescent qualities of champagne, Shusen Kurano proves it can be done.

With its Kawanakajima-Fuwarin (Champagne Sake), Shusen Kurano applies the same fermentation process that is used to make champagne to sake. Although this style has been imitated by adding alcohol and carbonation to sake, the approach that Shusen Kurano takes with fermentation yields a more interesting fruity flavor and about twice the alcoholic content.

In terms of Kawanakajima-Fuwarin's ingredient list, the drink is super simple and made from only rice and water. As a drink that blends popular beverages from the East and West, it's to be expected that this hybrid alcoholic drink goes well with all sorts of cuisines from around the world.