This Delicious Dip Features Caramelized Onions and Greek Yogurt

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: thekitchn
You've heard of a meal in a cup, but a meal in a dip? The French onion soup dip is just that! It's hearty and savory enough to satisfy your meal-time cravings, but easy to make and eat when you're in a hurry. Time is of the essence, after all!

The dip substitutes Greek yogurt for mayo and sour cream, which is healthier, but doesn't comprise the thick, creamy texture needed for the base of the dip. It's also equally as delicious, adding both richness and zest. The dip also substitutes real onions for dried soup packet onions. Caramelizing the onions adds most of the savory flavor. The recipe calls for chopping them finely, so they cook faster.

Overall, the french onion soup dip is a delightful, substantial mini meal that will fill you right up!