Carrabba's Mezzaluna Dish Blends Chicken, Cheese and Spinach Ingredients

 - Jun 19, 2015
References: carrabbas
Carrabba's tomato cream ravioli dish blends together simple flavors in a way that is gourmet-inspired. Made with tender, half-moon ravioli noodles, this modern Italian dish is topped with a tomato cream sauce that is handmade.

Infused with chicken and a mix of ricotta and romano cheeses, this pasta menu item is a fresh take on tradition. The dish even features spinach ingredients and is topped with a garnish of fresh herbs.

Served with one's choice of soup or salad, Carrabba's tomato cream ravioli is almost as tasty as grandma's cooking. The affordable meal references classic Italian cuisine and illustrates how a blend of simple ingredients can be used to make a signature dish that embodies an artisanal feel.