The Philadelphia CheeseSteak Ice Cream is Sweet and Savoury

 - Jul 27, 2012
References: asiaobscura & incrediblethings
The Philadelphia CheeseSteak Ice Cream is certainly a man's take on the usually sweet dessert. Daring dudes certainly won't feel girly eating this sweet savory treat alone at night.

On the Asia Obscura blog, Andy Deemer gives out a rather obscure recipe that combines ice cream with the greasy philly-cheese sandwich.

Andy's reaction to his own recipe was, "Granted, it was weird. But it was also something like the greatest weird taste sensation of all time. It was Americana. It was Sweet Jeez! It was glorious."

Quite possibly the oddest ice cream flavor to ever be produced. If the urge comes to try this, just grab all the sandwich and ice cream fixings necessary and go to town. The recipe is available on his blog.