This Fluffernutter Ice Cream Recipe is Perfect for Hot Summer Days

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: hipsteaders & laughingsquid
Hipsteaders blogger Chelsea has recently created a delicious and refreshing recipe for Fluffernutter ice cream. Using a combination of Marshmallow Fluff, peanut butter, cream and several other sweet and savory ingredients, Chelsea mixed together a thick and creamy creation. She has since posted the recipe on her website, which has garnered a ton of attention from both ice cream and marshmallow lovers all over North America.

While Marshmallow Fluff, or Fluffernutter, might appear to have only a few uses, when used in baking, its sweetness combined with the nutty taste of peanut butter makes for a delicious addition to any recipe. This Fluffernutter ice cream proves this delightful discovery by incorporating peanut butter-marshmallow hybrids into its already delicious recipe.

This Fluffernutter ice cream is the perfect way to keep cool on a hot summer day while impressing pool party guests with your ice cream-making prowess and inventive recipes.