This Spaghetti Ice Cream is a Sugar-Infused Way to Eat Pasta

 - Sep 8, 2013
References: germanfood.about & buzzfeed
If you have ever wanted to combined pasta with something sweet, then this spaghetti ice cream is the next treat you need to try.

Not only does this ice cream look amazing, it also tastes great. This treat is not pasta-flavored, it's vanilla, so there is no worry about what a carb ice cream may taste like. The aesthetic of the food is the only thing that has the inspiration of spaghetti behind it.

The vanilla ice cream is put through a pasta press so that it comes out looking like noodles. Then, a strawberry sauce is added on top to resemble a tomato sauce. If you don't like strawberry, then you can substitute it for another red-style sauce.

If you are looking to try something new, then this spaghetti ice cream is just the thing for you.