These ‘Salted and Styled’ Campfire Snacks are a Gourm

 - May 2, 2013
References: saltedandstyled
Though some say that adults are too old to enjoy s’mores, these ‘Salted and Styled’ campfire snacks prove that they're still worth making. In a perfect world, there would be no age limit to enjoying the sugary sweet gloriousness of marshmallows, chocolate and a graham cracker.

This recipe takes a more sophisticated and adult approach to the gooey snack. Homemade lavender marshmallows and dark chocolate have replaced the store-bought sugar puffs and discount chocolate to make this a dessert for elites and connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Don’t let this stop you from sharing it will the kids, but remember they probably won’t appreciate the expertly crafted taste of these mature munchies. The subtle flavors of lavender mixed with the boldness of dark chocolate and the crunch of graham crackers will redesign this campfire classic into a five-star quality dessert.