- Oct 8, 2014
Junk food is typically associated with being greasy, cheap and easy to come by, but these fancy junk food makeovers turn ordinary snacks like cupcakes, chips and popcorn into exclusive delicacies. A lot of the time, this comes from having the treats infused with something ultra decadent and desirable like gold flakes or a prized ingredient.

Cheap junk food can often be found in vending machines, but Mitte’s Floris Feinkost shop in Berlin is a great example of how this notion can be flipped on its head. Rather than dispensing run-of-the-mill snacks, this shop's vending machine dispenses only the best, including stroopwaffles, pralines and even small bottles of champagne.

Just because they're gourmet, these junk food makeovers may not necessarily any better for your health, but they certainly sound like good things to indulge in.

From Luxe Gold Cupcakes to $10,000 Chocolates: