The World's Most Expensive Cupcake is Covered in 24 K Gold

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: dailymail & luxurylaunches
Considered the most expensive cupcake in the world, this exquisite dessert is worth $1,227.70. The cupcake is made up of edible gold pieces and dazzling jams and champagnes.

The cupcake will be unveiled in London for National Cupcake Week, hosted by Food Network UK. This particular cupcake features a 24 K gold leaf (edible,) alongside gold wrappings. The dessert is flavored with a Hawaiian tea, and the interior contains chocolate, alongside a jams made of peach and champagne. The exterior is made up of a butter cream which includes luxury wines and chocolates as its ingredients.

What's more is that this cupcake will displayed in a glass box alongside a rope and bouncer. You will not be taking a bite out of this wondrous cake, but you'll be able to take a closer look in the coming weeks alongside other very expensive cupcakes.