Berlin's 24/7 Automat Vends Everything from Champagne to Stroopwaffles

 - Jun 28, 2013
Mitteā€™s Floris Feinkost shop in Berlin, Germany has created something that puts automated food dispensers all over the world to shame: gourmet vending machines. This 24/7 Automat is re-stocked every single day with delectable homemade goods, such as stroopwaffles and pralines. Luxury lovers can even grab a pint-sized bottle of champagne from the Automat if a quick celebration is needed.

The price range of the Automat is between two and 20 euros, and can be compensated using either debit or credit cards. This accessible gourmet meal option is sure to revolutionize the food service industry, since for the same price as waiting in line at a restaurant or cafe, patrons can instantly receive gourmet treats to satisfy even the wildest cravings.