Patrick Priebe's Laser Rifle is Strong Enough to Take Down an Ewok

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: laser-gadgets & gizmag
We're one step closer to a future including stormtroopers thanks to the unveiling of Patrick Priebe's Laser Rifle. Priebe has created a rifle capable of burning holes through Styrofoam, plastic, ice and much more. While his weapon can't exactly take down a human, which is probably a good thing, it certainly looks the part thanks to its aluminum design.

The rifle weighs 12 pounds and is equipped with a 7-watt infrared laser and a 2-milliwatt laser sight. The gun is powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery pack modified to run at 12,000 volts and the weapon is cooled by a pump circulating distilled water. Patrick Priebe's laser rifle is a one-off, so don't even begin to get your hopes up about owning one.