An App from Vanderbilt University Locates Your Enemies on a Map

 - May 6, 2013
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A new shooter locating app being developed at Vanderbilt University locates exactly where the user is being shot from. Using a device that connects to your smartphone, the location from where each bullet being shot is shown on a map.

The team of researchers headed by Akos Ledeczi adapted a previous military version to create the portable system. Sensors housed in a module the size of a pack of cards receive the necessary data. A gun’s muzzle blasts and shockwaves are recorded and fed to the app’s algorithms. With a network of other phones using the same app, the technology precisely calculates the shooter’s location.

This technology has important implications for dignitaries who have a high risk of being shot at. In addition, law enforcement personnel would also see a large benefit from the app.