Victoria's Secret's Bombshell Perfume Was Found to Repel Blood-Suckers

The likelihood that there would be a commonality between a Victoria Secret product and insects is low, however, one study beat the odds by proving that the Bombshell perfume actually repels mosquitos.

An experiment published in the 'Journal of Insect Science' tested products with DEET as well as other non-medicinal products like the lingerie company's Bombshell perfume and Avon's Skin So Soft Bath Oil. The pink-bottled fragrance demonstrated a surprising ability to repel both the Yellow Fever and the Asian Tiger strains of blood-sucking insects.

The eau de parfum known to be beloved by younger females now isn't just associated with a sexy scent but with scientific properties to help wearers combat mosquitos. This study changes the common belief that floral and sweet scents attract mosquitos, which could lead to increased sales of summertime perfumes.