This Smart Perfume's Odor Strength Varies Depending On How Much You Sweat

 - Apr 2, 2015
References: & gizmag
Researchers at Queen's University Belfast have developed a smart perfume delivery system that releases more aroma the more a person sweats. The system doesn't merely mask unpleasant odors, it actually neutralizes them by attracting odor-causing compounds.

The system involves placing a raw fragrance onto an odorless ionic liquid. When the resulting liquid comes into contact with moisture, it releases its aroma by discharging more of the perfume scent.

This news will surely be welcomed by gym custodians and subway users alike, and is a great example of how science can be used to solve everyday problems that most people assume they have no other choice but to live with. The personal care and cosmetic market will surely take note, and if this system works as well as claimed, it could revolutionize the perfume industry.