Pantone Socks Ensure You'll Never Confuse Black and Navy

 - Apr 11, 2010
References: sockshop & chipchick
If you’re a man and a slave to fashion (and slightly narcissistic), then you might identify with this scenario: you have a shirt in Pantone Royal Blue, but no socks to match; ergo, you feel helpless and unable to continue on with your day. Now, thanks to the Pantone socks, you can rest easy that your socks are the same royal blue as your shirt.

Based on the Pantone Color System, the Pantone socks are socks that are made from the same Pantone colors as designers and other fashion industry insiders use for garments. The Pantone socks even have their specific Pantone color stitched on them so you’ll never have a humiliating and awful color coordinating sock experience again—like confusing navy with black.