- Jan 17, 2013
Picking a favorite color when it comes to clothing and accessories is tough, but these multi-colored fashion finds choose to embrace the chromatic as opposed to picking just one shade. Bold color choices aren't for the shy because they not only garner attention everywhere, but also require a certain confidence to be worn right.

Rainbow-colored clothing isn't a new trend, as it has been around for several decades; what we're seeing is a number of modern twists being put on the standard color model like clothing that bleeds one shade into another or brands that offer specific styles in a number of bold colors. Multi-colored fashion doesn't have to be as intimidating as it might seem because there are a number of ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe by mixing things up and remembering that when it comes to fashion, anything goes.

From Chromatic Casual Footwear to Candy-Colored Couture: