From Bacon Print Socks to Foot-Consuming Shark Socks

 - Mar 6, 2013
Geeky socks are the final addition in ensuring that you are clad head to toe in geek apparel. These socks can sometimes be the loudest, most colorful and expressive parts of your ensemble.

My favorite geeky socks are definitely the old socks with sandals mimicking socks. These show incredible creativity and are such a faux pas that they are actually stylish. Bacon and superhero socks are also great examples of these socks.

One of the best parts about geeky socks is the fact that your deep love of all things geek can be concealed. Socks are normally not the focal point of your geek apparel and thus can easily be covered up by a pair of pants -- although, there really is no shame in being a geek to begin with.