These Anatomy Socks Show You What's Going on Beneath Your Skin

 - Nov 25, 2011
References: likecool & hautemacabre
If you're one for gore or simply find the inner workings of the body fascinating, then these Anatomy Socks are certainly for you. While these horrifyingly beautiful socks are still just a conceptual design, their arresting design and strange allure may well see these socks onto store shelves in no time flat. Using the beauty of the human body as inspiration, these socks mimic what is happening beneath the skin of your feet and ankles. Endlessly fascinating, these socks may prompt you to choose to don the famous fashion faux pas of socks and sandals just to show these babies off.

Even if anatomy wasn't your best subject and the thought of dissections is enough to make you ralph, you cannot deny these are pretty groovy socks. These Anatomy Socks certainly highlight the unlikely beauty of our innards and still manage to capitalize on the fashion statement Lady Gaga made with her meat dress. High fashion has shifted its focus inwards and proves that beauty really isn't skin deep.

A wonderful celebration of the inner workings of the beautiful machine that is the human body, these Anatomy Socks demand you take notice.