Patterned Fire Extinguishers from Flame Design Make Fighting Fires Hot

 - Jun 3, 2009   Updated: May 13 2011
These glorious rainbow colored fire extinguishers are not only useful in case of fire, but also really stylish! Be your own chic firefighter with these vibrant extinguisher designs.

In my opinion, the patterned ones (like the one with flames) look like rubbish, but on the contrary, the pantone ones look really, really classy.

Check out the fashionable fire extinguishers in the above gallery!

Implications - With style being so important, designers are looking to glamorize the most mundane of products in order to appeal to consumers. Brands are modernizing objects to breathe new life into them as a way of capitalizing on the "cool" factor. Whether it's a fire extinguisher or a garbage can, glammed-up objects from daily life have a contemporary, artistic twist that will be a hit with the modern generation.