From Incredible Ink Explosions to Solar-Powered Ferris Wheels

 - May 21, 2012
With summertime, Victoria Day and Independence Day fast approaching, you’ll have prepare yourself for the fireworks that come with all these glorious events.

Who doesn’t love seeing majestic shimmering colors exploding and co-mingling with one another in mid-air? Or the adrenaline rushing through your body after hearing these invigorating sounds and witnessing these magnificent pyrotechnics? Whether you’re at your cottage, on your back porch or have ill-advisedly decided to make your own fireworks -- which would not be the ideal situation -- you can enjoy these fantastic firework displays. Feast your eyes upon breathtaking skylines adorned with sparkling lights and explosive displays that glorious gun-power has so graciously fueled.

Whatever you’re celebrating, fireworks are a great way to spark the festivities and light up the night, quite literally.