This Firework POV Video Will Take You on a Whirl

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: underconsideration
Be forewarned, anyone who suffers from motion sickness may not appreciate this firework POV video.

Clever filmmaker Jeremiah is a pro when it comes to POV footage. Since July 4th weekend just passed, he decided to make a video that would explode in popularity. Jeremiah attached a small lightweight camcorder to several fireworks, and set them off to produce this firework POV video. The results are extremely dizzying; the camera rotates wildly, colorful bursts can be seen, and then the audience abruptly returns to the ground.

This crazy video will have you toppling over.

Implications - Society is saturated with commercials infiltrating every type of media, rendering consumers desensitized to their messages. The commercials that consumers now appreciate are unique for their shocking or surreal footage. Companies can incorporate these elements into their advertisements to make them memorable to potential target markets.