From Stylish Fire Safety Tools to Pixelated Incident Pistols

 - Nov 15, 2011
The fire extinguisher is slowly but surely catching up the 21st century as evidenced by all of these innovative flame-fighters. The design of the fire extinguisher hasn't changed much since its inception. This is both good and bad as the fire extinguisher is great at saving lives (good), but can be a huge eyesore in modern homes and offices (bad).

Fortunately, designers have been hard at work dreaming up fire extinguishers that fight flames and look good while doing it. The results often look completely different from the fire extinguishers of yesteryear, with the bulky cylindrical body being replaced with a smoother and more angular one. While many of these innovative flame-fighters are merely concept designs, the day can't be far off when all fire extinguishers are designed with safety and aesthetics in mind.