The Turn Over Extinguisher is Less Likely to Expire

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: yankodesign
Shaking your domestic or office fire extinguisher every once in a while is not high on the To Do list. For most, it rarely makes the cut. The Turn Over Extinguisher is such an intelligent and practical concept because it actually reminds you to agitate it on a regular basis.

There are no blinking lights or audio announcements in this interactive device by Woo Seul A, Jin Junho and Lyu Byung Chul, for the apparatus's means of notification is much more subtle and perceptive. The form of the flame douser takes the appearance of an hourglass, and a rotating bracket allows it to be pivoted 360 degrees from the middle.

Like by the instruction of a sand timer, passers-by will know to swivel the Turn Over Extinguisher upside down when the fire retardant powder inside the transparent chamber begins to fully settle at the bottom.